Glittering, limpid city of floating palaces and misty canals.Non-stop running time: One hour and Nine minutes

  • No cars, no buses, just boats.
  • Rivers rather than roads, and the watery, magical atmosphere that is Venice.
  • Take in the astounding Piazza San Marco, called the Drawing Room of Europe.
  • See glowing mosaics in the flickering candlelight of the Byzantine Cathedral,
  • Snap a shot at the Bridge of Sighs,
  • See a Gondola depot,
  • Pass the Doges' Palace with it's torture chambers of the Inquisition,
  • See why Venetians tolerate those pigeons,
  • Learn how coffee arrived in Europe and why Venetian cafe orchestras play Austrian Waltzes.
  • See a fantasy 500 year-old spiral staircase,
  • Hear of Venice's favorite son, Marco Polo who introduced Ice Cream to the West,
  • Look at a thousand year old Palace made of Marble lace,
  • Enjoy a glass of fizzy Prosecco.
  • Revel in one of the most spectacular views in the world from the Rialto Bridge
  • Non-stop running time: One hour and Nine minutes
  • Start: Piazza San Marco in Front of Church
    End: Rialto Bridge

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