City Frozen in Time

  • Preserved by a Volcano in 79 AD,
  • Walk the ancient streets remarkably like our own.
  • Hear about that incredible August day 1900 years ago, when ash rained down from Mount Vesuvius, turning the sky black and encasing Pompeii in a time capsule.
  • Stop at ancient cafeterias and bars, cross in Roman crosswalks,
  • Marvel at the mosaics, the frescoes, the still-brilliant colors.
  • See the pipes that brought running water to homes and fountains,
  • Envy how the very rich lived, and see Main Street Roman-style, where regular people bought their meals at take-out joints,
  • Visit the baths and theatres, gardens and stores,
  • View plaster casts of the citizens of Pompeii as they died,
  • See a bakery, a laundry and a brothel,
  • And ancient graffiti still clear on city walls,
  • Stand where the Gladiators trained and where they fought in the first Roman Amphitheatre ever.
  • Experience the wonder that is Pompeii
Non-stop running time: One hour and 35 minutes

Start: Facing Marina Gate in Old City Wall
End: Arena (or Garden of the Fugitives with extra walk)

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