Historic Center of the 2,000 Year-Old City

  • You'll see the Piazza Navona,
  • The spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated,
  • Cosmic Caravaggio's, Incredible Coffee,
  • Art that tricks your eye, Gelato that delights your palate,
  • Enter the Pantheon: the world's perfect ancient building.
  • Stroll through the streets of Vecchia Roma, or Old Rome.
  • Run into a church for a quick look at a Renaissance masterpiece.
  • Duck into a courtyard to view a Baroque Beauty.
  • See the remains of ancient Temples, Baths and Latrines.
  • Drink sweet, delicious water from fountains still fed by Roman springs.
  • View a brilliant study of perspective painted on a ceiling,
  • See a Michelangelo sculpture in Rome's only Gothic church,
  • Stop at the Caffe where Tartuffo was invented. It's a chocolate ice cream dream.
  • See a Renaissance Palace and
  • Look architectural jewels by the brilliant Bernini and Borromini.
  • Wander where the ancient and the hip sit side by side.
Non-stop running time: One Hour and Fifteen Minutes

Start: Pantheon Square
End: Piazza Navona

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