Sparkling City Surrounded by Magnificent Mountains

  • See the Space Age cable car that goes up to peak skiing
  • Delight in green onion domes and pink churches
  • Experience the Golden Roof from the city's glory days
  • View the view from high above, with snow-covered mountains ringing the town
  • Explore covered walkways and hidden vaults leading to brilliant Baroque courtyards
  • Wander the Market Hall with it's colorful produce and fragrant bread - See the new ski jump dominating the hill
  • Look at the most technologically advanced statue of its time
  • Learn why Innsbruck's roofs are in the shape of a W
  • See where they held jousts and tournaments in the Middle Ages
  • Experience hot chocolate and fantastic pastries
  • Go inside a glass gallery, visit beautiful gardens and see a horse-and-buggy stand
  • Sample speck and stroll the bridge over the Inn River where it all began
  • Gawk at a Renaissance masterwork by Cranach the Elder

Running Time: One Hour and 18 Minutes

Start:   Herzog Freidrich Street at the corner of the Graben
End:    Same

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