The Imperial City in the Age of the Caesars:
The Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Capitoline Hill.

  • Walk where victorious Roman Emperors celebrated their Triumphs,
  • See how 55,000 spectators filled the Coliseum in just a few minutes,
  • Mark the spot where Marc Antony delivered the eulogy for Julius Caesar,
  • Look at an ancient Roman apartment house,
  • See a Renaissance gem designed by Michelangelo,
  • Learn how lions and tigers sprang from under the floor of the Coliseum,
  • Stand at the spot where Vestal Virgins where buried alive for breaking their vows.
  • We begin by seeing 4 eras of Rome's 2,000 year-old History all in one view.
  • We ascend the Capitoline Hill with Michelangelo's harmonious Piazza,
  • Explore the prison where legend says St. Peter and Paul were held captive,
  • Walk through the Ancient Roman Forum, with the Roman Senate House, the House of the Vestal Virgins, and the Arch of Titus with its bas relief of the Sack of Jerusalem,
  • And then on to the incredible Coliseum.
  • See where Gladiators fought and died.
  • Learn how the ancient technology of pulleys and elevators and winches made for spectacular spectacles.
Non-stop running time: One Hour and 15 Minutes

Start: Piazza Aracoeli
End: Coliseum

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