Charming Canals, White Hot Design and Cool Cafes

  • Wander graceful bridges and along tranquil canals
  • Sample Dutch cheese
  • Walk the floating flower market
  • See Rembrandt's house and the light that inspired him
  • Experience a museum cum store where design is art
  • See where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis before her betrayal
  • Explore an ancient courtyard where only women still live
  • Eat the best french fries in the world - with mayo
  • Visit a cutting edge cafe with a canalside terrace
  • Check out a 500 year old depiction of Santa Claus
  • Stock up on Dutch chocolate
  • Glimpse Amsterdam's bustling harbor
  • Amble the flea market
  • Pass Dutch coffeeshops with their pungent aroma
  • Optional brief walk through Red Light Zone

Nonstop running time: One Hour and 32 Minutes


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